How To Get A Tattoo In Dubai

get-a-tattoo-in-dubaiGetting your first tattoo in dubai is a major decision in your life. This decision can (in the worst case) lead to a lifetime of regret if you don’t get things right. Tattoo Nation Dubai supports you on your way to your first tattoo in our tattoo studio in dubai. It’s understandable that you are driven by the idea to get a nice tattoo dubai. We want your first tattoo experience to be one that you remember for all of the right reasons. There are a few simple guidelines for your dubai tatoo that should make the experience great for both, you and the permanent tattoo dubai artist.

If you are new to the world of tattooing, there’s no shame in starting a small tattoo in dubai. Give yourself and your body a chance to learn the process slowly. Find out how your skin takes ink, how your body heals, and most important, how you experience and tolerate pain in our tattoo studio in dubai. Let´s be serious, a tattoo always comes along with "some sort" of pain. That´s normal if you see that we are working below the first skin layers. For us it´s very important to find your personal maximum dosis of pain per session, to not let you end up regretting your decision.

It might sound funny but, know why you're getting a tattoo!
Not all tattoos need some deep, personal meaning. You can just want something on your body because you think it's beautiful. BUT, never consider getting a tattoo just for the sake of having one. A Tattoo usually is a lifetime decision. Your tattoo will be a permanent part of your body, and there must be a solid plan for the next 10-15 years at least.

Do your research on our dubai tattoo studio. We can't tell this enough: feeling safe and comfortable in our tattoo studio in dubai and with the artist who is doing your ink is the MOST important part of the tattoo process. This includes everything from understanding our health and safety protocols.

How can you prepare yourself for a dubai tattoo:

  • 1. Meet the Dubai tattoo artist in advance for your dubai tattoo
  • 2. Know the costs. We will provide you all details for the tattoo in dubai price.
  • 3. Consider the right placement
  • 4. Spellcheck your ink
  • 5. Prepare your body and skin

How to prepare for the day of your permanent tattoo dubai:

  • 1. Getting a tattoo dubai under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a NoGo!
  • 2. Dress comfortably to have the areas for your dubai tattoo easy accessible. Make sure you're wearing something you can easily remove for the appointment.
  • 3. Be prepared for blood. No panic please, but there will be some blood. You may not bleed at all, but you should prepare for it.
  • 4. Painkillers or Medication? Definitely not! Certain meds are blood-thinners (meaning even more blood will flow from the tattoo dubai) and can affect how the ink adheres to the skin, which can result in blurry or discoloured tattoos.
  • 5. Don´t bring any spectators. The tattoo session is for you and we don´t want your or the Dubai tattoo artist getting distracted from the main mission.
  • 6. Enjoy your session!